For 99.9 percent of the world, it seems like New Year’s resolutions come and go by the time your out-of-office message from the holidays turns off. And for those living with chronic illness, which is nothing if unpredictable, New Year’s resolutions can be particularly fraught. In a recent #CreakyChats Twitter chat, the community vibe on making resolutions was that it often feels like you’re setting yourself up for failure.

As @TerezHumphrey put it, “I never make resolutions. Life is hard enough living with a chronic disease/illness like #rheum. One day at a time. Enjoy all [good] things that life has to offer, like more #grandbabies.” Jennifer, who tweets under the handle @UnxpctdAdvocate agreed: “I find the practice ineffectual and don’t rely on one day to make changes. Instead I usually hope for better things to come and make concrete plans for things I want to do like visit a friend, visit a new city, begin attending my meditation center again.”

Another option: Pick an uplifting saying that speaks to you, and try to remember it when you’re going through a tough time. Here are a few we found on Instagram that felt particularly on point.

If You Need a Reminder to Be Gentle

Credit: myillnessthoughts

If You’ve Been Ruminating on the Past

Credit: the_disabled_diva


If You Often Feel Guilty

Credit: fibromyalgia_by_sophia


If You Feel Crummy But Keep on Going

Credit: mentalhealthwords

If You Need a Push to Think Positively

Credit: j.dragonette

If You Need a Reminder of How Strong You Are

Credit: spooniesistershop

If You Need Permission to Take a Break

Credit: ashleyziya

If You Need a Warm Hug

Credit: chronically_amusing

If You Need to See the Big Picture

Credit: brainysocialworker

If You Need Motivation to Stick With It

Credit: endo_survivor

If You Apologize a Tad Too Much

Credit: amazingthingstaketime

If You Need a Reminder to Surround Yourself with Good People

Credit: emilyspeaks30

If You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

Credit: journey_to_wellness

If You Need to Remind Others What a Fighter You Are

Credit: meme_the_sick_away

If You Need to Make a Resolution List No Matter What

Credit: meme_the_sick_away


Many of the patients and bloggers and meme creators we interview (see this interview with Cat King, or this one with Melanie Mourt) say that finding online communities, especially on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, have been game-changing for them. We encourage you to check out  the accounts credited here for ongoing support and community online.

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