Medical Foods for Osteoporosis

Medical Foods for Osteoporosis

Medical Foods for Osteoporosis

Medical foods are prescription medicines created from food-based, natural molecules. They deliver highly purified, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients to the body to help restore its own balance and normal metabolic processes.

Prescription medical foods contain highly-concentrated and purified natural ingredients such as flavonoids, the healthy nutrients found in foods like green tea, red wine and dark chocolate. Flavonoids are proven to have anti-inflammatory effects and powerful antioxidants; however, a change in diet cannot pack the same powerful punch as one highly-concentrated medical food capsule or tablet.

Medical foods are intended for the metabolic management of a disease and must be used under a doctor’s supervision, according to federal laws.

The following medical foods may help manage the symptoms of osteoporosis.

Fosteum PLUS

Fosteum PLUS is a prescription medical food product for the clinical dietary management of the metabolic processes of osteopenia and osteoporosis to be used under a physician’s supervision.

Fosteum PLUS contains key bone-building ingredients including genistein, zinc, calcium, phosphate, Vitamin K2, and Vitamin D in a single capsule. It also contains dicalcium malate, pentacalcium hydroxide triphosphate, citrated zinc bisglycinate, trans-menaquinone-7, cholecalciferol, micro-crystaline cellulose, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, and sodium copper chlorophyllin in a gelatin capsule with titanium dioxide as coloring.